For Young People

Services for young people include:

    • Free, confidential counselling to help with issues such as: family problems, anxiety, school problems, drug and alcohol concerns, body-image issues, stress, bullying, loneliness, self esteem problems, anger, grief, loss, HSC and exam or study stress, self harm and suicidal thoughts.
    • Support through individual counselling or group programs to help teenagers worried about the behaviour of a friend or relative who may be behaving erratically, is depressed, overly anxious, or exhibiting signs of a mental illness such as bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia.

KYDS services for young people are free.

Call KYDS on 02 9416 0900 to arrange a chat with a counsellor.

For Families:

KYDS counsellors use evidence-based, cognitive behaviour therapies to help families work through relationship and communication difficulties. KYDS Counsellors hold relevant tertiary qualifications, and provide support, information and guidance to parents who are worried about their children’s behaviour or mental health. Where appropriate, separate counsellors will work with different members of the family, and liaise with other organisations (such as schools, community services, hospitals etc) to achieve coordinated outcomes for young people.

KYDS counselling services are free.

Contact KYDS 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday on 02 9416 0900.

KYDS also run regular parent Information forums at a range of community venues, covering topics such as resilience building, cyber-safety, and other topical issues. For details of upcoming parent forums click here.


For Schools:

As specialists working on the front line of adolescent mental health and wellness, KYDS offers series of early intervention workshops in direct response to the issues we encounter on a daily basis in our counselling centre. The content for these workshops is regularly updated to meet the changing circumstances of our youth.  Both full-day and half-day workshops are available, and content can be mixed and matched to suit the needs of individual schools and year groups.

Topics we regularly cover include:  cyber safety, drug and alcohol use, addictive behaviours, sexual health, personal safety, risk-taking and decision making, self esteem, study and exam stress, respectful on line / mobile communications, helping each other in times of stress and trouble.

To enquire about workshops for your school, please contact or phone 9416 0900.